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1 Bright Ideas

At ESP we have concieved, designed, prototyped and developed a number of successful products. As a result, we have built a network of contacts that enable ESP to speedily get a new idea off the ground.

We understand and appreciate that anyone who has conceived their own brilliant idea, will wish to protect their Intellectual Property, and to this end we have spent time creating Confidentially Agreements and have relationships with solicitors that can assist in building a contract that will ensure all parties are treated fairly and all interests are looked after, while achieving the objective of bringing the idea to reality.

In short, if you've had an idea, it's just possible that we'll have
the 'get up and go' knowledge, experience, resources and of
course, access to the finances to turn your idea into
something that could change your life forever.

ESP guarantee that:

  • ESP won’t steal your idea.
  • ESP won’t tell anyone else about it.
  • ESP won’t ask for any money from you.
  • ESP will make a quick decision.
  • ESP won’t string you along if we don’t think we can do anything.

Give us a try, what have you got to lose?

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