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1 Contract design: from hand held devices to fully engineered racks and cabinets

puzzelESP’s key strengths are in the field of electro-mechanics, packaging electronics in the most efficient way to ensure that the equipment will operate to its full potential in the electrical and mechanical environment it is likely to face in use.  Finite element analysis for mechanical stress, EMC and thermal simulations and analysis are important tools and optimising interconnection technology is equally important.  Achieving the optimum synergy between the electronic and mechanical requirements of the system is the most important factor in achieving a successful project – on time, on budget and to specification.puzzel

ESP offers a full suite of design capabilities from concept realisation forwards, working closely with clients to turn their product ideas into reality.  Working either independently to create a product that meets a laid-down specification or integrating into a client’s own design resources, ESP offers a wealth of experience in both electrical and mechanical design, with an extensive portfolio of successful projects.  With partnership relationships with Kitron, Apra and DataMetrics, each of whom is a significant player in its market sector, ESP, as the UK representative of each company, is ideally situated to tailor the electro-mechanical solution in the most effective way, providing a cost-effective design and minimising time to market.

1 Prototyping

From workbench breadboard functional sample through to an environmentally tested and industrially designed final working prototype, ESP has the expertise and capability to turn the concept into reality.  Using either dedicated in-house resources or the specialised puzzelexpertise of a carefully selected cluster of dedicated partners, ESP take ownership of the entire process, giving full and effective prototyping support for new product developments.  In the latter stages of the process, when the project is approaching fruition, the final prototyping and optimising for manufacture process will normally be transferred to the relevant third party supplier for whom ESP provide UK representation, either Kitron, Apra or DataMetricsdepending on the product, application and expected volumes.  ESP is the UK point of contact and act as an authoritative and knowledgeable interface between the client and the mechanics manufacturer, contributing to the process.

1 Contract manufacturing

ESP are the representatives for Kitron in the UK, Germany and Austria, one of Scandinavia’s leading companies in the development and manufacturing of electronics for the medical, defence/marine, data/telecom, and process industries with a total workforce of 1300.  It is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 9002, AQAP 110 and AQAP 120 and the ISO 1400 series.  Kitron’s Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) offers modern facilities with a total area in excess of 50000 square metres, with expertise in the area of high frequencypuzzel microwave technology, military manufacturing, the manufacture of high volume printed circuit boards and electronics for use in defence equipment.  For labour intensive manufacturing is carried out to Scandinavian standards in the university town of Kaunas in Lithuania.

ESP’s design resources work closely with the 80-strong design teams in Kitron Development, who offers a broad range of services related to the development and industrialisation of electronic products, undertaking all types of assignments, ranging from simple development work to complete product packages – from concept to a prototype ready for series production in one of Kitron’s manufacturing plants.  ESP provide a local UK contact point gives short lines of communication, additional expertise and a customer-focused interface with a major contract development and manufacturing organisation.

1 Commercial enclosures

ESP are an authorized distributor for Apranorm, one of Germany’s leading suppliers of electromechanical products for the commercial puzzelpuzzelpuzzelpuzzelelectronics industry.  Established in 1969, the Apra Group specialises in 19"enclosures, subracks, desktop and small metal enclosures, instrument cases and plastic enclosures, with customisation and front panel services a particular strength of the product and service offering. 

Stocks of popular standard products are held by ESP ready for immediate despatch and for commercial applications, the Apranorm range provides the basis for modification and customisation for prototype development, reducing time to market.  Apranorm have a well-established capability in producing modified standards and customised front panels in short lead times, a particularly useful service for applications where potential product volumes would not justify a full contract manufacturing approach.

1 Ruggedised and COTS enclosures and systems

puzzelESP are the exclusive UK agent for DataMetrics, which was founded in California in 1962 as a high-tech defense application and consulting firm, subsequently becoming one of the early pioneers in the ruggedisation of Information Technology equipment to meet military specifications (MIL-Spec) requirements; it is now headquartered in a 43,000 square feet facility in Florida.  The primary focus is on the design, testing, development and manufacture of electronic products into industries/applications where a commercial or industrial grade product would be subject to conditions and requirements that would render it ineffective or impractical for the user.  Of particular interest is the comprehensive range of Ruggedised Commercial Off puzzelThe Shelf (RCOTS™) portable, vehicle-mounted and stationary embedded computers, standard and custom VME and CompactPCI chassis and system enclosures, conduction and convection-cooled ATR Chassis, custom backplanes and flat panel displays, all of which have applications across a wide range of industries and applications where adverse and hostile environments are likely to be encountered.


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